Articles on Tiger-Related Issues

Tiger cub in the brush.

  • The Man-eater of Kyari: By Gideon Egger. Ramakant Tiwari grabbed his rifle, got in his jeep and drove to Kyari. When he arrived he found the tigress still eating the Sambar. Parking his jeep about ten yards from where she stood gnawing on the carcass, he picked up his rifle. From his perspective, with the vehicle giving him height and stability, the tigress was a perfect target . . .
  • Forever Tigers at Rencha: By Gideon Egger. Forever Tigers takes 82 Indian schoolchildren into Bandhavgarh for their first encounter with tigers in the wild.
  • Tiger Conservation at Bandhavgarh: By Anil Thakuri. We must help to teach villagers to understand and appreciate that a live tiger is worth much more than a dead one.
  • Biology of Tigers
  • Drinking Tiger Soup: By Andrew Lam. Anecdotal account of the use of tiger soup in Asian Folk Medicine.
  • The Evolution of Tigers
  • The Tiger Bone Market: By Nirmal Ghosh. Report and Comment on The First International Symposium on Endangered Species Used In Traditional East Asian Medicine: Substitutes for Tiger Bone and Musk.
  • TCM and Asian Folk Medicine: Myths and Misunderstandings
  • TCM in the Melting Pot: By Dr. Henry Lee. Thoughts on the use of endangered species in TCM by the head of Chinese Medicine Developments, Middlesex University.
  • Tigers in Tibetan Culture: By Losang Gyatso.

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